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Mysterious dark patches in Venus’ clouds are affecting the weather there

Indian astronomy has a long history stretching from pre-historic to modern times. Some of the earliest roots of Indian astronomy can be dated to the period of Indus Valley Civilization or earlier. Indian astronomy was influenced by Greek astronomy beginning in the 4th century BCE [6] [7] [8] and through the early centuries of the Common Era, for example by the Yavanajataka [6] and the Romaka Siddhanta , a Sanskrit translation of a Greek text disseminated from the 2nd century. Indian astronomy flowered in the 5th—6th century, with Aryabhata , whose Aryabhatiya represented the pinnacle of astronomical knowledge at the time.

Later the Indian astronomy significantly influenced Muslim astronomy , Chinese astronomy , European astronomy, [10] and others.

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The IAU fully supports the involvement of the general public in the naming of astronomical objects, whether directly or through an independent organised vote, in the naming of planetary satellites, newly discovered exoplanets, and their host stars. This follows a well-established tradition for naming Solar System objects. The IAU does not consider itself as having a monopoly on the naming of celestial objects — anyone can in theory adopt names the way they choose. However, given the publicity and emotional investment associated with these discoveries, worldwide recognition is important and the IAU offers its unique experience for the benefit of a successful public naming process which must remain distinct, as in the past, from the scientific designation issues.

The scientific nomenclature for the designations of exoplanets usually consists of two elements: 1 a proper noun or abbreviation, sometimes with associated numbers 2 followed by a lowercase letter. The first element can derive from a number of sources. A common source is an exoplanet’s host star’s widely recognized, common or astronomical catalogue name.

Alternatively, exoplanets are often named after the scientific instrument or project that discovered the exoplanet. We’ll look at several examples of the first element of exoplanetary naming. The star received this particular catalogue designation by English astronomer John Flamsteed in his star atlas. Another common star catalogue used for exoplanet names is GJ, from a expansion of German astronomer Wilhelm Gliese’s index.

International Astronomical Center

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Although astronomy topics have been included in K education research for decades, astronomy at that time, finding more than studies dating back to Specific ). Noordwijk, The Netherlands: European Space Agency.

This book discusses the study of astronomy in different cultures, applied historical astronomy and history of multi-wavelength astronomy, and the genesis of recent research. This book will be a valuable complement to a future generation of students and researchers who develop an interest in the field of Asian and circum-Pacific history of astronomy. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

Conference proceedings. Papers Table of contents 30 papers About About these proceedings Table of contents Search within book.

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The astronomical references in the Vedic texts reach back to the 4th and 5th millennia that dating the events of the Epic based on archaeological finds could be misleading. The Kurukshetra site itself has structures that go back to about.

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Detailed records of astronomical observations began during the Warring States period fourth century BCE and flourished from the Han period onward. Chinese astronomy was equatorial, centered as it was on close observation of circumpolar stars , and was based on different principles from those prevailing in traditional Western astronomy, where heliacal risings and settings of zodiac constellations formed the basic ecliptic framework. Some elements of Indian astronomy reached China with the expansion of Buddhism after the Eastern Han Dynasty 25— CE , but the most detailed incorporation of Indian astronomical thought occurred during the Tang Dynasty — CE , when numerous Indian astronomers took up residence in the Chinese capital, and Chinese scholars, such as the Tantric Buddhist monk and mathematician Yi Xing , mastered its system.

Islamic astronomers collaborated closely with their Chinese colleagues during the Yuan Dynasty , and, after a period of relative decline during the Ming Dynasty , astronomy was revitalized under the stimulus of Western cosmology and technology after the Jesuits established their missions. The telescope was introduced in the seventeenth century.

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Over the course of its history, the Milky Way has ingested multiple smaller satellite galaxies 1. Although these accreted stellar populations can be forensically identified as kinematically distinct structures within the Galaxy, it is difficult in general to date precisely the age at which any one merger occurred. Recent results have revealed a population of stars that were accreted via the collision of a dwarf galaxy, called Gaia—Enceladus 1 , leading to substantial pollution of the chemical and dynamical properties of the Milky Way.

The star bears hallmarks consistent with having been kinematically heated by the Gaia—Enceladus collision.

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